Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

I met you in a bar
Hand in hand with someone
We talked for a minute,
Your face stuck in my head
For years and up ahead.

One evening on a Wednesday
We met for a drink
This time, timing was perfect
You and I knew we’d click.

You had your black
I got my bottled… WATER, yup!
Never cool from day one.
Add a corndog to that
To summarize date number one.

When you smiled, my heart skipped a beat
I got lost in your gorgeous brown eyes, perfect smile
And playful wit
I am hooked and I knew I wanted you
But I couldn’t show you then
You might think it’s crazy
In the midst of all that noise
and our flirtatious conversation…

I already knew …

… I would spend my days with you.