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A Xennial who takes too long making her coffee, turns her laundry pink and can never fold fitted sheets.

A story of a second chance.

Time did not stop when I met you in Moonshine Bar. You know . . . like what they always show in movies? My world did not turn into slow motion, blurring sounds, and movements as I walked towards you. I do not recall hearing birds singing either. Nope, that was NOT it.

When I saw you sitting on that chair, looking radiant in white, chatting away on your phone — smiling and laughing . . . I literally stopped in my tracks. People not knowing if I am coming in or going out of the bar. I froze. My…

Mysterious summer Love

Before I migrated to the US in 2006, I would often spend my summer vacations in Los Angeles. During one of my visits, a friend invited me to Long Beach Pride and a house party afterward. For a young 20-something, this was exciting. I wasn’t out to my family, so I felt free being in a different country, away from my parents, celebrating Pride.

The house was owned by a Filipina model a few years older than me, and her Vietnamese girlfriend. …

Family members are no exception

We all know that we should rid of anything that is not good for us. Unhealthy diet, too much alcohol, bad habits, … toxic people, to name a few.

What if the person that is toxic in your life is a family member? That fact is hard to accept. It is hard to imagine a family member can cause us so much stress, anxiety, and even pain… but believe me, they can and they do.

At first, I was making excuses for my mother and for years I truly believed everything was MY fault. After going through counseling and having…

Interview replies from Punch Drunk Cola

[1] What did you like to do most when you were 10? They say that this hobby is likely what brings you the most joy in life — is this something you still do?

I was a very active child. I engaged in a lot of physical activities. My parents encouraged me to join sports competitions, even if sometimes I would be the only girl. At 10, I won medals for a 5km long-distance run, played in youth basketball leagues, started training for track and field in school, and biked around our village on weekends until sundown. I lost interest in sports as I grew older. I tried to pick up biking as an adult and enjoyed biking around Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, CA but eventually, work got me more and more occupied…

You are missed

Dear Sushi,

It has been 7 months since you left us. We hope you are having fun playing up there in heaven. We know you love it there … you're probably jumping up high walls and fences. Knowing that you are not in pain anymore and can breathe very well, helps us move on.

We wish you had a little more time with us though, especially during this pandemic. You would have LOVED being with us 24/7. You hated it when we leave for work. Can you imagine us being home all day everyday? You could have gotten so many…

Travel. Philippines. Beach

For sun-worshipers and beach lovers

When you ask about famous beaches in the Philippines, people would often say Boracay and Palawan. They both have magnificent spots that attract travelers across the world.

Boracay is a small island, south of Manila. It was dubbed one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation, and among the top for tranquility and nightlife. It is also known to be a party island. Boracay’s popular beach is called White Beach, a long dreamy strip stretch of white, fine sand, and a deep blue sea.

Palawan is the largest province in the Philippines. It lies between the South China Sea and…

A publication by Punch Drunk Cola

When my 17 year old cat, Sushi passed away, I started looking for articles to read about pet grief. It was something new to me and I needed to understand what I was going through. I decided to write about what I was feeling and stumbled upon Medium (I read an article on a totally unrelated topic). I am no writer and I want a safe space where I can freely write. I am surrounded by people who do not understand pet loss and I was made to feel that whatever it was I was going through was not valid.

Our dear dear Sushi

I haven't written about Sushi since my last post back in November, but she is constantly in our minds. We still break into tears every so often. I don't think there is a day that goes by that we do not talk about missing her. I can only share this with a few people. A lot of friends simply do not understand this kind of grief. To them, a pet is just a pet and this is something we need to accept. …

How could you just walk into my life?

Who do you think you are?
You wear my jacket to work,
You hold my hand in public,
You share my dessert when we eat,
You marked me DIBS on Downelink?!

Who are you …
To consume my thoughts all day,
Rouse my obsession,
Stir up my emotions, and ignite my anger?

You’re only 21 and I’m 30 f*cking 2,
But you make me feel out of control.

How could you …
Just walk into my life
With such carelessness and without fear? …

Poetry Prompt: Excitement

Trolling luggage, Terminal 1, Gate #45,
Waiting for a voice to say “now boarding”,
Feelings of anxiousness and marvelous expectations,
Another adventure awaits in 12 hours.

Being in an airport brings me so much excitement. It’s the anticipation of my travel. Feeling my anxiety and expectations at the same time. It’s exhilarating!

I look forward to the time that we can all safely travel again.

This is in response to a prompt published in . Thanks Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

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Punch Drunk Cola

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