A Xennial who takes too long making her coffee, turns her laundry pink and can never fold fitted sheets.

Interview replies from Punch Drunk Cola

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

[1] What did you like to do most when you were 10? They say that this hobby is likely what brings you the most joy in life — is this something you still do?

I was a very active child. I engaged in a lot of physical activities. My parents encouraged me to join sports competitions, even if sometimes I would be the only girl. At 10, I won medals for a 5km long-distance run, played in youth basketball leagues, started training for track…

Travel. Philippines. Beach

For sun-worshipers and beach lovers

South Palms Resort, Panglao. Photo credit: the author. Taken using an iPhone.

When you ask about famous beaches in the Philippines, people would often say Boracay and Palawan. They both have magnificent spots that attract travelers across the world.

Boracay is a small island, south of Manila. It was dubbed one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation, and among the top…

Punch Drunk Cola

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